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UCI x GATI Programs

Students currently in grades 8 - 12 may apply for the University of California Irvine X Gifted And Talented Institute (UCI x GATI), the only comprehensive honors high school program that selects gifted and talented students based on multiple success indicators (not just grades and test scores!) and offers US academic credit(s) for independent research and/or applied innovation in fast growth and future relevant interdisciplinary fields, such as:


BEAM — Biology, Engineering, AI & Medicine


GSET — Game Science & Entertainment Tech


Admitted students receive on-campus invitations to enjoy the unique opportunity to work in state-of-the-art research facilities and get hands-on demonstrations of advanced lab techniques. All students selected to the program will have the rare chance to work closely with and be mentored by faculty and experts who are leaders and top authorities in their fields. As capstone projects, students will collaborate with fellow scholars from all over the globe to present or publish their research process or innovation progress.


Bio Engineering AI Medicine

Master hands-on university level research in the interdisciplinary, cutting-edge fields of BEAM.

 Admitted fellows will be matched with UCI research faculty-led teams to experience and learn about the authentic research process.


Game Science Entertainment Tech

Experience a unique blend of academic rigor and practical experience, designed to foster innovation and prepare participants for leading roles in the gaming industry. 


Admitted fellows will explore research and entrepreneurship in game design and development.  

Academic Credits

Research Programs (2-4 Credits*)

GATI’s Research Programs offer gifted and talented high school scholars the rare opportunity to engage in undergraduate level research before starting college. In addition to receiving college credits, students who successfully complete either the regular or comprehensive research tracks have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from distinguished university faculty;

  • Work in university research facilities;

  • Publish research in academic high school journals;

  • Receive personal recommendation letters;

  • Jumpstart their research career before starting college;

  • Connect with worldwide gifted and talented scholars; and

  • Share research interests and passion with the world.

*All UCI credit is earned in conjunction with UCI Division of Continuing Education.

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Innovation Presentation.png

Innovation Programs (2-4 credits*)

GATI’s Innovation Programs are offered in collaboration between UCI Summer Sesssion Beall Applied Innovation and the ANTrepreneur Center. Frequently considered the “next level” for high school scholars who have successfully completed their Research Program, the Innovation Program provides the rare opportunity to transform their theories and interests into practical application. Possible Innovation outcomes include pitching to experts, fundraising, product launching, patent filing, social experimenting, and founding national organizations.

*All UCI credit is earned in conjunction with UCI Division of Continuing Education.

Program Formats

On-Campus Programs

GATI’s on-campus programs offer talented and hardworking students the opportunity to engage in advanced academic work while living in paradise — beautiful oceanside Orange County, California. While the focus is on rigorous academics and learning, the social-emotional connection and lasting friendships that result from living, mingling, and adventuring together with other gifted and talented students from around the world is an integral part of the GATI summer experience.

GATI 2020 Group shot 1.png

Virtual Programs

GATI’s virtual programs offer talented and hardworking students the opportunity to remotely engage in advanced academic work and experience research and/or innovation processes all year round from the comforts of their computer. All virtual programs are designed to foster intimacy and curated to embolden the intellectual vitality of young scholars.

Join Future

Global Leaders

of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine!

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