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Bio Engineering AI Medicine

Research & Innovation

On Campus: July 9 - 22, 2023 

Pre-Session starts on June 12, 2023

UCI Research & Innovation Experience for High School Students Interested

in the Fields of Science, Tech, Engineering & Medicine

University-Level STEM Research & Innovation

At the heart of Southern California’s growing centers of tech, UCI x GATI offers an enriching experience for gifted high school students to pursue their passion and interests in the ever-expanding fields of Biology,  Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Medicine (BEAM). Students will have the chance to learn about research  in state-of-the-art facilities under the tutelage of distinguished faculty at UCI. With a diverse and multidisciplinary set of research labs, students will be immersed in fields including, but not limited to: 


  • Mechanical / Chemical Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering

  • Anatomy and Neurobiology

  • Neurology and Neurological Surgery


In addition to developments and growth in research at the university level, students will participate in the innovative side of research. Students will be able to connect the dots and see the research process holistically by further developing:


  • Skills in collaborative group settings

  • Communication skills

  • Critical thinking skill

  • Entrepreneurship / Innovation


* Please note that 2023 BEAM does not offer separate tracks for Research and Innovation. Every BEAM fellow will engage in both research and innovation. 

Why BEAM? 


High-Impact Learning Experience

Experience rich resources and facilities at UCI, a leading research university in the U.S. 

Intensive schedule at BEAM allows fellows to be immersed in research and innovation experiences. 


Lab Outcomes

Present your research lab outcomes to panels of experts.  Enter a competition to be published in online/offline publications for students (Comprehensive Fellows only).



Learn the latest cutting-edge technology in the fields of BEAM. Extend your learning and ideas to innovative solutions. Go beyond lab research process and find how science & technology is impacting the real world.


High-Touch Mentorship

Get connected and research with UCI faculty-led research teams.  Get 1:1 guidance before and after the residential program from UCI x GATI mentors. 

Sessions of BEAM 


6/12 - 7/8


7/9 - 7/22


7/23 - 8/31

Preliminary Scoping & Training: Online

  • Become lab UCI certified to handle advanced lab tools and equipment

  • Do pre-work for Innovation / Entrepreneurship workshops 

  • Complete pre-requisite readings for your matched/assigned research project / lab

Residential Research & Entrepreneurship: On Campus

  • Get matched with UCI research faculty and team

  • Learn about university-level research and get exposure to the most innovative research topics

  • Go on field trips to professional lab and/or science companies

  • Create/launch an innovative business, organization, or project that culminates interests and talents.

  • Organize research experience and prepare to present or publish

Comprehensive Publication: Online

  • Comprehensive Program Fellows only

  • Complete written drafts under the guidance of academic advisors

  • Communicate with advisors and apply summer outcomes towards college and future success

 Sample Day in the Life of BEAM Residential Fellow

Morning Classes 

Modules for   Advanced  HS Students

  • College-level workshops and lectures in the fields of Bio Engineering AI and Medicine

  • Soft skills workshop – learn influencing and pitching skills

  • Exposure to cutting-edge bio, engineering, AI and medical innovation that is shaking the world 

  • Learning experience with professors and leading experts

Afternoon Research

Research & Site Visits

  • University-level research at labs

  • Access to UCI campus resources and library

  • Innovation workshops at ANTrepreneur Center

  • Visits to bio-tech and life science companies in Southern California

Evening Innovation

Applied Innovation & Individual Projects 

  • Research application to innovative solutions and technology.

  • Connect research and experience to College-readiness through capstone projects.

  • Build long-lasting relationships with advisors and other gifted and talented students from around the globe. 

BEAM Featured Faculty

Yama Akbari

akbari yama

Assistant Professor of Neurology and Neurological Surgery

Dr.  Akbari's research revolves around investigating mechanisms underlying consciousness, coma, and global stroke with a focus on cardiac arrest (CA) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  His lab is the first cardiac arrest and resuscitation lab at UC Irvine, incorporating a combination of basic science, translational, and clinical research aspects. 

David Reinkensmeyer


Professor at the Anatomy and Neurobiology & Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Reinkensmeyer's research activities focus on movement control, neuro-rehabilitation and robotics. One of his group's objectives is to develop physically interacting, mechatronic devices ("rehabilitators") to help the nervous system recover movement ability after neurologic injuries such as stroke or spinal cord injury. His group also is working to understand the adaptive control processes that enable motor learning throughout the life span.

Lawrence Kulinsky

lawrence kulinsky.png

Project Scientist at Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Kulinsky is the Scientific Chair of the International Institution on Micro and Nano Manufacturing. He has authored more than 70 book chapter and other peer-reviewed publications as well as 16 patents and invention disclosures. His research focuses on the areas of micro- and nano fabrications, electro-active polymers, micro- and nano-fluidics, drug delivery systems, biosensor platforms, and electronic devices. 

Zuzanna Siwy


Professor of Physics & Astronomy


Professor Siwy’s research is in the field of experimental biophysics and condensed matter physics. Her current focus is using synthetic nanopores as templates for biomimetic channels as well as ionic diodes and ionic transistors. She is interested in new physical and chemical phenomena accompanying ionic and molecular transport at the nano-and microscales.

Tuition & Scholarship

Comprehensive Program Fees* (4 college credits** + Post Session) $9,495 
Residential Program Fees*  (2 college credits**) : $6,495

  * Fees include all instructional materials, room & board and BEAM-arranged activities.  
All UCI credit is earned in conjunction with UCI Division of Continuing Education.
Scholarships Available for:
  • California residents
  • Outstanding applicants that demonstrate superior academic achievements
  • GATI alumni
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