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What Students Say About Us

"The BEAM Program was an experience like no other. From building my own start-up with the help of UCI's ANTrepreneur Center to gaining key engineering principles from Dr. Reinkensmeyer's lab, I was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge that not only spurred my passion for research but also thoroughly prepared me for a career in the STEM field. It was exciting to learn amongst peers bound by a similar interest in science and to bond with them through exciting group activities. I always felt comfortable asking questions and reaching out to a mentor when I needed help. I can certainly say this program was not only an important learning experience but also a chance to meet new people and build connections."

Sophia L. / Senior / Prospective Cornell Student '25

"I was a part of the 2020 BEAM 2.0 program and am so grateful for the mentors, curriculum, and peers I had access to through the program. I owe my newfound interest in entrepreneurship and furthered pursuit of neuroscience research to BEAM. In fact, through my experiences in Dr. Yama Akbari’s lab, I decided to apply to colleges as a neuroscience major and am currently presumed to enter MIT next fall as a Brain and Cognitive Science major. In my estimation, BEAM successfully prepares students for college and even further life.

Furthermore, despite the online platform, I felt little was taken from the program because of the passion the organizers had for delivering a holistic experience to me and my peers. I’m confident that this dedication will only improve the impact of BEAM in the coming years."

Helen K. / Senior/ Prospective MIT Student '25

You are more than a student;

We are more than a research program.

We’re known for providing excellent academic research and innovation experiences to high school students, but there are many more ways that our programs can help on the path to university and career readiness.

UCI x GATI programs are developed with you in mind. Select the audience below that most closely reflects who you are.

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You are more than your grades and test scores. You have a purpose to fulfill and the best of your life story is just beginning to unfold. We understand. And we want you to understand that we’re more than just a research program.


"Raise the child you have, not the child you want.” Your child has unique gifts and talents. Beyond the morning and afternoon academic and research sessions, your child will spend significant time during the evening sessions fostering his/her unique gifts and talents, connecting it to future careers and engaging in team activities with other gifted teens from around the world.


We are honored to assist you in teaching your pupil. Our program is developed with future college and career readiness in mind. Whether students want to pursue science, technology, medicine, engineering, gamification of learning or game science, research experience, team work and global friendships are invaluable.

Helping high school students around the world to jumpstart their research careers.