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Game Science

July 7 - 20, 2024 (Residential Program)

Game-based Learning +  Game Research + Esports 

Experience the full spectrum of the gaming industry and

explore future careers in game science and entertainment technology.

Summer of Game Science & Learning


Embark on a journey through the entire gaming industry spectrum and discover potential careers in game science and entertainment technology. Dive into the exciting realms of:


* Gaming Computer Science

* Esports

* Gamification

* Game-based Learning

* Game Research

🎮 Explore, Play, Learn: Dive into the world of gaming through hands-on, experiential learning. Discover the excitement of esports, gamification, and game research while having a blast!


🚀 Connect with Pros: Rub shoulders with industry professionals, gaining insights and inspiration directly from the experts. Form connections that can shape your high school gaming clubs and leagues, and pave the way for future careers.


🎓 Bridging Academics & Gaming: Uncover the synergy between classroom education and gaming passion. Learn how your love for gaming aligns with future paths, such as becoming an informatics researcher.


At GSET, we don't just play games; we create futures. Join us for an unforgettable experience where fun meets knowledge, and dreams power careers. Let's level up together!

UCI x GATI looks for visionaries, researchers, developers who can not only play games, but also design, research, and create them. 


GSET will help you achieve your college and game-related goals by giving you access to experienced mentors that will help you realize your college goals, and by enabling you to pitch your ideas to judges, investors, and other people who can help take your ideas from GSET to the world.

GSET Curriculum

Academic Learning 

Applied Research 

  • Learn research topics in esports and games with top faculty and leaders in informatics and gaming.

  • Access UCI's renown resources for game-based research and esports arena.

  • Get feedback on your explorations of gamification, game developmen, and game science.


Game Computer Science Lab

  • Apply elements of game design, including design mechanics, user research, virtual reality and augmented reality. 

  • Create and prototype basic games or esports concept with guidance from industry professionals.

  • Pitch esports club/organization or a game concept to principals, investors and/or judges. 

Every GSET fellow will experience the entire gaming ecosystem through various lectures, workshops, and activities. Your capstone projects should integrate research and innovation/entrepreneurial skills.   

GSET Daily Residential Schedule

Morning Classes 

Lectures &

Innovation Workshops

  • Attend university lectures and workshops on game science, game learning and innovation.

  • Work closely with world's leading professors and experts in games and digital media

  • Learn how to turn your idea into a real project, organization, and/or business. 

Afternoon Arena / Lab

Research & Site Visits

  • Engage in research of cognitive, intellectual and social aspects of esports and multiplayer online video games.

  • Special access to UCI esports arena and state-of-art research facilities for hands-on demonstrations of advanced lab techniques.

  • Field trips to / Guests speakers from gaming and entertainment companies in Southern California. 

Evening Innovation

Capstone Projects

  • Connect your gaming knowledge and experience with college-readiness. 

  • Build long-lasting relationships with mentors and other gifted and talented students from around the world.  

  • Complete your capstone project(s) — design your own game, compete in leagues, build your presentation for establishing your own high school esports club and/or finalize your cognitive research on game learning. 

Tuition & Scholarship

Program Fees*: $5,995 (2 credits**)
  * Fees include all college credits, instructional materials, room & board and GSET-arranged activities.  
**All UCI credit is earned in conjunction with UCI Division of Continuing Education.
Scholarships Available for:
  • California residents
  • Outstanding applicants that demonstrate superior knowledge and skills in gaming (i.e. game design, esports, game research, etc)
  • a qualifying applicant from an underrepresented group in Gaming/Game Science
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